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African Legacy is a mobile application that features short profiles of past African leaders, activist, and progressive thinkers that contributed to the development of the continent and fought for its independence.  Their memory needs to be honored and their stories told to the next generation and to a generation that has forgotten their sacrifices. The application serves as a gateway and does not represent the totality of African history, which spans well over 5 thousand years. Purchase of the app at 0.99 cents will help us create a more extensive database of key African leaders, activist and progressive thinkers.


Because  African history is misunderstood, misrepresented and often not acknowledged.  That dynamic needs to change.  To  know your history is to know your power and the diaspora can no longer afford to ignore the history of power and the way it was used to manipulate peoples of African descent.  

True Leadership

True leadership will inspire others to do better and work together to create cooperative enterprises that provide a mutual benefit to all involved. But without knowledge of past mistakes  you are doomed to repeat the mistakes of that past. Lacking the knowledge of your history also gives others the opportunity to tell their story in place of your story.  

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